Strauss Performing Arts

 Strauss Performing Arts

"Student-centered dance and theater education" 

Now in our 9th Season!  

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Schedules are now available!  Join us for our Fall or Winter Session! *Enrollment subject to available space in class. 



  Contact us at to request your information and registration packet.  *Acro now being offered for ages 5 and up!


Interested in our popular Theater Program?  Send us your email address to be included in our mailing list!                  We do 3 productions/year. 


Send a direct email to request a class schedule,

and registration information.  Lots of unique

opportunities await!

Get your preschoolers started early!  Classes for ages 3-5 offered on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.


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To request a schedule or registration form, please fill out our contact sheet and submit your email, or send an email directly to Michelle Strauss at